I am registered to perform legal wedding ceremonies in The Rebublic of Ireland.  This means you do not need to have a separate legal ceremony or signing. Your wedding can take place inside or out of doors.  My training and ordination was with the One Light Interfaith Foundation.
I work together with my clients to produce tailor made ceremonies integrating your ideas and visions and weaving in spiritual themes relevant to your union if required.  Ceremonies may incorporate readings from different traditions or religions, or original pieces. They may include any ideas and suggestions you might have, or I can show you some sample ceremonies. We can have Skype meetings or  arrange to talk in person, or communicate by phone and email, if you prefer, to prepare for your event.

Please contact me at or call 00353(0)831859884 to discuss your ceremony.

Inspirational Celebratory and Spiritual Musical Performance
Please feel free to discuss the ways in which music can be used to enhance your ceremony and deepen the experience for you and your guests.
Teaching and Consultancy
Spiritual and Psychic Development (individual readings and group work), Spiritual Guidance, Voice Coaching or call 00353(0)831859884. Skype,phone and live consultations facilitated.


Please do not hesitate to call (00353 (0) 831859884) or email me ( at any time, I’m always happy to answer your questions.



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